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Roof Trusses: Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing a high output of roof trusses.
With the latest computerised cutting equipment, we are able to manufacture the most complex roof trusses and at the same time maintain a good standard of quality.
Mitek’s software allows us to download the cutting bills directly to the saw giving the operator all the angles and materials required for the roof reducing the chances of error.
The trusses are then accurately jigged and assembled under qualified supervision.
Our trusses are manufactured to the timber industries standards and timber treating complies with the SANS specifications for timber treatment. The following codes are used when designing and supplying a roofing system from our factory premises in Blackheath.
SANS 10163, 10160, 10243 & SABS 1783.

Bolted Roof Trusses: Where exposed bolted trusses are required for a visual appearance within your roof system, we are able to design and manufacture these trusses to your architect’s specifications.

Structural Timber: Once again all timber is graded and treated to specification. Additional to the battens and wall plates normally supplied with roofs, we are also able to supply laminated beams & planed timber in their various dimensions.
Other non-structural timber products such as Shutter Ply Boards, VP Deck Boards, timber fascias, tongue & groove ceilings and flooring are supplied on request.

Roofing Hardware & Undertile Underlays: With every roof system there are hangers, brackets, nuts & bolts to hold the system together. We will supply these components with our roof trusses even when custom made brackets required.
Roofing underlay, from general water barriers to insulation type underlay are all available.

Roof Coverings: Concrete roof tiles in the various profiles and colours are supplied with your roof trusses.
Corrugated and IBR profile steel roof sheets together with flashings and barge capping are all available for delivery directly to your building site.

Fibre Cement Products: Fascias, Barge Boards, Roofing Slates and Roof Sheets are supplied.

Hardwoods & Timber Decking: We have recently expanded our business activities into the supply of hardwoods and timber decking. This is an obvious direction, since we are already talking timber at the start of our involvement with your building project.
For the supply of your roofing materials, we are a one stop shop.
Keeping ourselves in line with market trends we are able to add to our many services the facility of manufacturing Timber or Steel wall framing and the Ultra Span light steel truss system which has entering the South African roofing scene over the last few years.
We are agents for the complete range of Concrete Roof Tiles and Roof Sheeting:
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